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Russian native speaker. High quality; numerous published translations

professional russian translator

Are you looking for a dedicated translator into Russian? I can offer you very good service at a sensible cost. My name is Helen (Jelena) and I would like to invite you to read on about my various services into Russian, my mother tongue.

More about me:

  • Qualified professional translator/ interpreter
  • 16+ years of experience
  • Numerous published translation works
  • Web design/ HTML/ SEO/ SEM knowledge; Google Ads/ Shopping Ads certificates
  • Very knowledge of the Russian/ ex-USSR culture and mentality
  • In-depth knowledge of Russian grammar, stylistics and punctuation.

    Proofreading/ editing of texts in Russian is also welcome.

    My web design knowledge allows me to translate and localize websites in any format (HTM/ HTML, PHP). Website optimization for Russian search engines (, is also possible.

    The most recent projects I've worked on are:

  • Translation (ENG > RUS) of the article "George Osborne unveils his 7th and first solely Conservative Budget since 1997" (in collaboration with Red Square London)

  • translation (ENG > RUS) of the web site of the company of HERESIS (designer fashion) , and

  • translation + localization (ITAL > RUS) + optimization for Russian search engines (+ Google Adwords and Yandex Direct PPC campaigns) of the web site of "Pomelia Holiday Homes" (Sicily)

    Another areas of my specialization are TOURISM: hotels, resorts, restaurants, tourist guides, and legal/ law - contracts in particular, as well as: graduation theses; timber industry/ log houses; software translation/ localization; cooking/ culinary; metal working/ metal finishing; textiles/ fashion; gas equipment/ automotive gas;, heating systems; home furniture/shop furniture, footwear production; household appliances; dentistry; various productive processes.

    ! Translations into English/Italian accepted only if proofread by a native speaker

    I collaborate with translation agencies, various Italian and Latvian companies, with the Chamber of Commerce of Latvian Republic. You can contact me for the information about trade fairs in Latvia, and for market research in the region

    Traduzione italiano russo

  • I accept online payments by

    Moneybookers/ Skrill


    And by IBAN bank transfer

    Traduzioni turistiche

    Some of my translations into Russian have been officially published

    Language combinations:

    ITA > RUS, ENG > RUS

    ENG < > ITAL
    ENG < > RUS
    ITAL < > RUS
    ITAL < > LV
    LV < > ITAL