CV, portfolio, certificates and letters of recommendation of Russian translator Jelena Bogdane (Bogdan)

Jelena Bogdane, professional sworn translator
English <> Russian <> Italian <> Latvian

16+ years of experience; numerous published translation works

CV, Certificates, Portfolio, letters of recommendation; samples of translation works

About me:

I'm a professional sworn translator/ localizer with 16+ years of experience and HTML5/ SEO knowledge specialized in website translation/ localization, and 9+ years of experience in executive, administrative and customer support roles.

I work with the following languages: Russian (my mother tongue), Italian, English, and Latvian.

Some of my translation works have been officially published.

Regarding my English: I've been studying it since primary school; my specialization at the University was English language and literature; during my career I've provided a huge amount of translations from English (and several ones into English). Recently I took a test online, with the result of C2 Proficiency qualification.

Google Ads Display Certificate

1) Samples of my translation works

2a) My CV in English (.pdf)
2b) My CV in Italian

3) Portfolio (.pdf)

Letters of recommendation

1) From the company of Maka Language Consulting from Milan,
with which I've been collaborating since 2016, mostly in the haute couture/ luxury tailoring fashion field

References: Sara Spatola, Language Services Manager for Maka Language Consulting: (+39) 02 45546061,

2) From the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (I.C.E),
with which I collaborated from 2002 to 2011 (in 2011 l'ICE ceased its activity in our country):

3) From the Italian company of of "Case Vacanze Pomelia":

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