Website translation/ localisation; languages: Russian, Italian, Latvian, English

Translation services by a sworn professional translator
with web design/ SEO/ SEM knowledge

In Russian In Italiano

High quality; SEO/ SEM knowledge. Website translation/ localization in any format

I'm a professional website translator (HTML5/ CSS3/ Javascript/ SEO/ SEM knowledge) specialized in website translation/ localization. Translation can be provided in any web format (files' structure remains unchanged).

You can also contact me for website optimization/ promotion in Russian search engines (Yandex, Rambler,, software translation/ localization into the above mentioned languages.

I'm a certified Google AdsFundamentals and Shopping Ads professional (here's the the first certificate, here's the second).

The most recent projects I've worked on are:

  • Translation + localization ITA > RUS + of the website of "Pomelia Holiday Homes" (Sicily); optimization of the Russian version (ongoing project). Active promotion of the website; creation of numerous PPC campaigns (Yandex Direct, Google Adwords)

  • > Here are the details of the above mentioned project (incl.all the activities, results, ecc)

  • The website of "Fattoria Palazzeta" (Cecina); translation/ localization ITA > RUS

  • Translation +localization ITA > RUS of the website of Giovanni Bottigelli

  • Translation ENG > RUS of the web site of "Good Tastes of Tuscany" (Tours/ Cooking Classes)

  • The website of Boutique Hotel Villa Sostaga; translation/ localization ITA > RUS

  • The website of La Casavecchia Holiday Charme Country House in Tuscany; translation ITA > ENG

  • The website of the company of TAXI SERVICE LIGNANO ; translation ITA > RUS

  • Hotel Ristorante Posta (Como); web site; translation ITAL > RUS

  • The web site of the tourist residence "Holiday" ; translation ITA > RUS

  • During translation process special attention is drawn to the quality, literary style as well as to the peculiarities of Russian mentality (as well as Soviet and post-soviet mentality :).

    I collaborate with with numerous translation agencies, various Italian and Latvian companies, with the Chamber of Commerce of Latvian Republic. You can contact me for the information about trade fairs in Latvia as well as for market research in the region

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